As a marketing and distribution firm for magazines, ValueMags is beginning to grow by doing their own research about the magazine industry. Magazines are especially thriving in niche and segmented markets. Markets that are very specific have consumers still raving about receiving certain magazines, coupons in their mail, and newspapers. One of these niches in sport enthusiasts. As a result, ValueMags has been partnering with Northern U.S based companies in those industries to learn how to better approach and capture those markets whens they are marketing their magazines. One of those companies in Detroit Bikes. The company has many strengths that were attractive for ValueMags which include:

  • “Made in Detroit” brand identity that the company is proud of
  • Use chromoly steel – a higher-quality, durable metal
  • Retail their bikes slightly higher to support employees with reasonable living wages and health care benefits
  • Trained and qualified staff: Detroit has skilled workers that have likely worked in an automotive factory before
  • Active on FB, Twitter, Insta and have thousands of followers on each respective platform ranging from nearly 4,000 to over 13,000
  • Receiving large/notable orders from companies/names like New Belgium Brewing Company, Michael Duggan which increases the popularity and demand

Despite the fact that the company located in Detroit declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy in July 2013, becoming the largest city to do so in American history, the company is bouncing back. Detroit was once one of the best thriving cities to work in. Not all their bike parts are produced in house, some are still imported from Asian countries. However, the company has a lot of potential and insight into the biking niche market which is why ValueMags has partnered with their marketing team. This collaboration will not only provide ValueMags which knowledge about how to market their magazines to that industry but to Detroit Bikes as well. The company can use ValueMags’ marketing knowledge to possibly expand to other countries.