Ending addiction means making that first start toward recovery, and detox is just part of the process. While you will hear many things about detox from others who have battled addiction, it is important to remember that it is different for everyone. It is also absolutely essential to also know that it is possible to get through detox without turning back to using drugs or alcohol. As you prepare to make your fresh start, use these tips to get through that critical first day.

Be Honest About Your Current Use

When going to detox South Florida residents sometimes make the mistake of trying to cover up how much they use drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, they may completely leave out that they are using heroin and just ask to be treated for alcohol. When you enter your program, you should know that you can trust the professionals who will be helping you through detox. Although you will be given a physical assessment, it is possible that leaving out the truth about your addiction may make it harder for them to help you with your withdrawal symptoms. Open up, and your detox process will be easier since the treatment program staff will know which symptoms to expect to treat.

Let It Out

So much of the focus tends to be on the physical symptoms of detox. While they can be uncomfortable, you should also be prepared to undergo an emotional journey that can generate years of pent up emotion. It is also reassuring to know that even the toughest people find the need to cry, talk or even yell their way through the emotions that arise. If you find that detox leaves you facing demons that you thought you’d left behind years ago, then let your treatment staff members know. For many, the very first day of treatment is when the real healing begins since your emotions naturally rise to the surface.

Seek a Full Treatment Program

In addition to detox South Florida treatment programs also focus on helping you to continue through the next steps of recovery. Once your withdrawal symptoms are gone, you will begin to feel a surge in energy that helps you generate interest in new activities. Learning to find healthier ways to stay busy will help you fill your time once you return home. For this reason, your treatment program should also offer things such as exercise classes, group and individual therapy sessions and arts programs that all help you heal once you get done with detox.

You’ll encounterplenty of hype online and in your social group regarding what detox is like. However, the types of drugs and how long you used them make detox vary drastically from one individual to another. By making sure to surround yourself with professional support in a compassionate community, you will make it through your first day and emerge with strength that drives you the rest of the way through recovery.