For there reputation management company, destination management companies are very common in the modern world of business. A Destination Management Company is a professional management company that specializes in the design and implementation of events, utilizing extensive local knowledge and resources. As a company, they offer but are not limited to guest tours, VIP amenities, transportation, staffing, entertainment, decor, on-site registration and even housing for guests for events. DMC’s work cooperatively with airlines, hotels, resorts convention centers, and transport companies. They refer to the entire activities and services for a client as a program and they are also an important element in incentive travel.

Different services provided by the Destination Management Company include a venue selection, creative itineraries, event concepts and production, sight-seeing options, team building activities and meeting support services. They also provide different transporting planning and delivery, staffing services, VIP services, dining programs, entertainment and speakers, and budgeting and resource management for companies.

DMO’s work with interests of the community and are private companies that provide services while as DMC’s get leads on new accounts from planners that have gone through a DMO. When it comes to the DMC’s there are two or more that provide proposals and responding to clients RFP’s takes considerable time for them. For the business structure of DMC’s, these involve the staff/temporary field staff, the office and all of the technology, licenses and insurance, community contacts, customer contacts, history of success and the destination resources. it is important for the companies to have a strategically located office, but be legally insured for business liability and standard coverage and must compete in a relationship riven industry and must keep up with contacts. Most DMC’s are independent operators, therefore, they are good when only a limited or specific service is needed. There are also the multi-services operator that are typically larger with established networks of service offerings and Destination Management Networks that are pool resources to achieve economies of scale.