For many people, the idea of living in a home free of clutter looks as attractive as winning the main jackpot in Kiwi casinos, but they do not want to go the route of minimalism. After all, what exactly do you let go of, and what do you stay with? Those choices alone can lead to headaches, because you have no idea what to decide on.

If this sounds like your kind of situation, you are not alone, and certainly not doomed to a home that looks chaotic and messy. Read on to find out some excellent storage ideas, all which will help your home stay tidy while retaining the personalized touch that make your home what it is.

Move up the walls

When you are arranging your home, the rule of thumb is decluttering first, the storing your items second. In a small room, this rule is even more important, since you do not have much space to start with. If you still have items left over and nowhere to keep them, then you will need to be more ruthless with the things you need to keep and those that you must let go of.

When you want to maximize the small space of a room, you can make vertical storage allowances going up to the ceiling. All the open shelves will make the room stay neat, while they also provide a space to store personal things, such as ornaments or family photo albums. Keeping the room like this will also allow the room to breathe and for you to pass through, and not make you feel so cluttered.


Use your hallways

If your home has hallways, you should know these are automatic magnets for clutter – unless you provide adequate storage space first. Since the hallway is narrow, you can make a small alcove that has plenty of hanging space, a point for charging your phone, some space for shoe storage, and a unique hook for your umbrella or other accessories.

If you happen to have children, especially those that are young, ensure some of the hooks are within their reach so that they can reach certain items without strain.

Make sure to deal with kitchen clutter before it builds up

Kitchens are among the first rooms in the house that have buildup of things – whether it is expired food at the back of a cabinet, dirty dishes, or recipe books that are old and sticky. Prevent ensuing problems by investing in some beautiful storage jars, which can hold dried foods that you have sorted out.

These will not only look tidy and make the kitchen presentable, but also allow you to monitor when your foods are running out and are easy to clean up. They are also a great method of encouraging your young ones to begin getting involved in cooking, because they can see all the ingredients available in the kitchen.

For greater efficiency of space, consider buying square containers instead of round ones. In addition, be sure to measure your drawers and shelves before you purchase them.


Select what you love and keep it neatly

When you organize your kitchen, you do not need to keep it minimalist. You can select all the items you love, such as repurposed or reclaimed material – and use them to create a unique kitchen that is full of your personality.

The golden rule of maintaining a home free of clutter is ‘There is always a place for everything, and everything must have its place.’ Once you have set aside a specific place to store your items, then maintaining order afterwards is very easy – all you need to do is return those items back in their place.

When you want to inject some personality, you can use an offbeat set of shelves, some boxes for condiments and smaller items, vintage storage tins, a weathered tray for cutlery, wall mounted open storage, and so on. These will not only keep the space tidy, but will give it a memorable persona that is easily noticed by a visitor stepping into your kitchen.

Consider making use of hidden storage areas

Among the best ways of maintaining a home free of clutter is using hidden storage. For instance, a home using an ottoman to increase a feeling of comfort in a living room, yet the same ottoman having a lid that you can open and close, giving you some extra space to store other items. You can also utilize it as a form of extra seating or a coffee table, so they also act as the epitome of organized and versatile furniture.


Organizing the bedroom

Just ask yourself an important question – when was the last time you cleared your bedroom? Or is it a pile of messily arranged clothes, while others are not in use anyway?

When you are cleaning up your bedroom, it is important to note what items you will be using there, and where you will place them. For instance, if you enjoy reading a book before going to sleep, then you can store your books near the bed to give you an organized feel, instead of putting them in a bookshelf that is across the room.

Your bedroom needs to be your haven of comfort, so all your furniture choices and design needs must have the end result of promoting your comfort levels. For example, throwing in some comfortable pillows, a patterned rug, and some cushions that coordinate with your bedcovers.

For extra maintenance of a clutter-free environment, ensure you put all things away. You might set some time in the morning to put all dirty laundry in a basket, or arranging your clothes in the bedroom wardrobe. This will help you keep clutter under control, which bedrooms are notorious for having.

Display pretty items

If you want to put the best version of your home forward, then select the pretty items you have and put them on display – they can even be a feature.

Final thoughts

Keeping the home clutter levels under control is great for keeping the home in order, and making you feel like you have stepped in a proper living space.