Some vacuum cleaners are obtrusive and bulky, so it’s hard to store them. Although they are effective in cleaning your house, there are also other ways of cleaning. These ways can help you keep your carpets as well as your rugs looking new and free from dirt. Check out this article to learn how to clean your carpet without a vacuum cleaner.

Pick up Surface Dirt

You shouldn’t use your vacuum to pick up large pieces of debris. Instead, you should do this by hand. If you still have to pick up large chunks of dirt and trash while using a vacuum, you should use a small trash bag. Then, bend down and clean up before you start with any deeper cleaning. By this way, you can make your house cleaner.

It’s essential to take any area rugs or smaller as well as removable carpets outside. Also, remember to shake out the dirt and debris over your driveway.

It’s a great idea to pick up hair as well as pet fur by packaging tape. Use a new piece when its stickiness is gone. Although you have to take much time to do this, you can clean surfaces without doing a deep clean.

Don’t forget to buy a carpet brush or sweeper. You can clean effectively longer fibers. This method also allows you to reach deeply into the grain of the carpet. It helps to pull out dirt that’s trapped as well.

Wash your carpets

Each type of carpet fibers requires specific instructions you have to follow. That’s why you need to check any labels or tags of the carpets you are using. In fact, not all types of carpet fibers can be treated equally. You may have to take some rugs to a dry cleaner. And, some others need to be soaked in vinegar.

First, you have to check around for egregious spots as well as stains before cleaning your carpet. You can easily get stains out before cleaning your carpets. Thus, it’s not good to rub the stain deeper into the fibers.

Prepare a bucket of water as well as dishwashing soap. Then, fill the water into the bucket. To avoid saturating the carpet, you need to wring out any excess water. It’s more difficult to dry the too wet carpet.

Use a large sponge to scrub the dirt on the carpet from side to side. It’s important to work in sections to get every piece of the area. Remember to change the bucket to fresh water.

You can place smaller area rugs in a bathtub. Then, wash it more thoroughly. Fill some mild dish soap and lukewarm water into the bathtub. By swishing the rug around, you can break up any dirt on the carpet.

Let the newly cleaned areas dry through the night. Move the furniture across the entryways to set up your barriers. By this way, you can make your carpet clean. If you don’t want to get any new dirt, you need to keep your pets, kids, and shoed feet from the carpet.

Dry cleaning your rugs and carpets

In order to prevent odors, you should sprinkle a powder into the carpet. Besides that, you can use baking soda, flour, or cornstarch to do this. And, keep them sit for 30-60 minutes. This way is great for area rugs. In fact, you can clean these powders from your carpet more easily.

Use a carpet sweeper to remove any smaller debris. The sweeper helps to pick up dirt from your carpet. It allows you to clean anytime and anywhere. Run it across your carpets to remove dirt quickly.

Use a boom to sweep your rugs as well as carpets. It’s best to use a broom with stiff bristles. The boom is used as a synthetic broom. Also, it helps to reduce the mess.

Deal with the dirt on the carpet. Take it outside and hang over a railing. At the same time, let the dirty side facing up. You can beat the dirt with a tennis racket, a sturdy stick, or paddle. You also should beat the rug from a side angle.

Final Tips

You shouldn’t wear shoes inside to reduce dirty on your floors. If you want to clean fur carpet, you should use powdered detergent as well as water. Besides, you also need a damp cloth to wipe. Especially, if you have pets or children, you have to read carefully cleaning solution labels. In addition, you shouldn’t use bleach on your carpet in order to avoid discoloration and damage.