To your surprise, humans are not the only ones who avail the medicinal boons of CBD. CBC medications are now emerging for the purpose of dog-use too, and various companies have begun contributing into this aspect.

It is not only the scientists who recommend CBD for dog seizures, but also several veterinarians worldwide are recognizing the benefactions of this herb for dog conditions.

It is important to note that ailments faced by a dog are different in several facets as to what occurs in humans. Hence, the medications work asymmetrically for both the subjects.

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Which dog breeds are prone to develop seizures?

Not all, but certain dog breeds have the tendency to develop epilepsy. Research says that idiopathic epilepsy (that have no apparent cause) in all dogs occurs at a rate of 1 to 5 percent.

Below are mentioned the names of dog breeds that can inherit symptomatic seizures (due to structural damage or lesions in brain):

Hungarian Viszlas
Belgian shepherds
German shepherds
Irish wolfhounds
English springer spaniels
Border dogs

Moreover, following dog breeds have been observed to have a high incidence of seizure disorders include:

Irish setters
Miniature schnauzers
American cocker spaniels
Siberian huskies
Golden retrievers
Labrador retrievers
Alaskan malamutes
Saint Bernards
Welsh springer spaniels
Wirehaired fox terriers
Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Vet CBD Oil

CBD has shown marvels in the treatment of various types of human epilepsy. Fortunately, the herb also works for dogs in a pretty similar manner.

Just like the humans, dog bodies too function and balance with the help of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Receptor CB1, CB2 and CB1 with CB2 are scattered all along different organs. There receptors act as contact point between cannabinoid and ECS. CB1 receptors can be located mostly in the central nervous system, whereas CB2 is largely present peripherally.

When cannabinoid binds with the receptors of the ECS, it tends to alter its function, and that is how is can control any abnormality, such as that of epilepsy.

How to give CBD to my dog?

Medicine administration to pets can be a whole lot of task. Pets usually get scared and are hence, are hard to control when you try to give them medicine deliberately.

Dogs in particular have very sharp teeth. However, you can try out ways to trick your dog into placing CBD drops under its tongue. Sounds unrealistic? Well, alternatively, you can switch to CBD dog chewys. Now that its’ medicine is a chewy, your dog would naturally want to chew and play with it. That way you will not have to expend much time and energy into convincing your dog to take his CBD meds.

Will my dog get high?

The main point of concern for many pet owners regarding CBD and dogs may be the subject of ‘mind-alter.’ ¬†Well, here, it is important to note that therapeutic CBD contains trace amount of THC only, and hence, is least psychoactive and is unlikely to get your dog high. Moreover, if you still doubt, you can ask your pet’s veterinarian to provide with a low-spectrum CBD formulation to begin with

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

Always consider starting from low doses. You can gradually increase it every 5 days. For any untoward effect such as sedation, vomiting, or disorientation is observed, CBD medication must be stopped immediately. You can restart your pet on CBD again with a lower dose this time once the side-effects have waned. However, it is always best to follow a vet’s advice regarding CBD dosing.

CBD oil for dog benefits:

It is not only dog seizures that CBD oil helps with. The herb helps treating a variety of other animal diseases we once thought were never possible to overcome naturally. These include arthritis, muscle strain and inflammation; social anxiety, appetite issues, pain, cancer, allergies, joint and mobility problems, and even more.

Final word:

CBD for dog seizures is very beneficial, yet is in its naive stages. Hence, you need to research thoroughly and seek a vet’s opinion before starting your pet on CBD medications.