Blogging has always been a community venture. It is not possible to set up a successful blog without the help of your visitors and quality engagements. Apart from writing quality blog posts that are informative and easy to understand, one should also look into additional marketing ventures in order to gain optimal traction online.

One of the best marketing technique is guest blogging. It is not required for you to be an influential blogger or to have your write ups featured on popular blogs. In fact, having your name featured on as many places online as possible will help improve your credibility as an authority over the subject. Once you have enough articles published under your name online, it will be easy for you to approach popular blogs with your ideas for a chance to be published there as well.

How will this benefit you?

The benefits of being a guest blogger are manifold. For one, it will help you increase credibility among your existing readers. You can establish yourself as an authority figure among a small group of regular visitors to your blog.

A guest blog usually ends with a CTA, which offers a chance for you to link back to your own blog/ social media profiles. Since this is exposed to a new set of eyes, you will significantly increase your subscriber & visitor count with just as much effort as writing a new post on your own blog. Guest blogging is also one of the most effective ways to make friendships with prominent bloggers and influencers in your niche.

How do you bag a guest blogging gig?

The simplest way is to reach out to the blogs you want to be featured on. You can contact different bloggers via email or social media and propose a guest blog on their blog. Do include a backlink to your own blog to help them assess the quality of writing and the kind of content you write. Lesser known blogs tend to trade guest blogs, i.e., they allow you to write a blog post on their blog in exchange for letting them write a post on your own blog. This is actually very effective with blogs that are of similar size and popularity and will give you access to more readers who are familiar with a similar kind of blog.