Traveling simply put is great for the soul and we take every opportunity to encourage people to travel as much as possible and as far and wide as they can afford to do. What better way to travel then than to combine something that you love with traveling. People do this all over the World, surfers traveling to Australia’s incredible beaches, photographers traveling to the World’s most iconic landmarks to get that perfect shot and adventure lovers heading to New Zealand to take advantage of its wide range of activities.

Today we are going to focus on wine lovers, we are not just talking about those who enjoy a drop of Chardonnay on a Saturday night, we are talking about committed aficionados like Bennett Kireker who love nothing more than truly appreciating great wine. If you fall into this bracket and want to combine your love for wine with travel then here are some of the best spots in the World for a wine tour.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

South Africa is currently producing some of the finest new world wines that there are on the market and you can travel right to the heart of production in the stunning town of Stellenbosch. This town not only ticks all of the right boxes when it comes to those look for a great wine tour but it also shows off some of the finest attributes of the South African landscape. Set amongst a backdrop of huge mountains and with streets lined with majestic oak trees, Stellenbosch is a beautiful place to visit even without the appeal of wine. In 1971 the town founded the very first wine route which is still to this day the best tour for you to take in order to enjoy a tipple of the finest wines on offer here, from Pinotage to Sauvignon, Cabernet to Chenin Blanc.

Sonoma County, California

Away from the beaches and the mayhem of tourist California, there is an incredible wine region just waiting to be exported in Sonoma County. Around an hours drive from San Francisco, you will discover a region which offers over 400 wineries and packed with tasting rooms where you can enjoy the best wines which California produces. The region itself is a stunning corner of the World, forests that are brimming with ancient Redwoods and treehouse hideaways and nature parks full of activities like walking and hiking.

Burgundy, France

Nobody has the reputation for wine quite like the French do and one of its biggest hits is Burgundy, for wine-lovers, a visit to Burgundy is akin to a Muslim visiting Mecca and at least once in your lifetime, you should be heading down to this beautiful French region. Wine is like air in Burgundy and you won’t have to go far to find a winery and their tasting rooms where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful French wine available. Add to the mix this beautiful landscape of windmills, rolling fields and vineyards, meandering rivers and quaint towns and you have the perfect recipe for a brilliant wine tour.