Skill Building

The first, and most obvious reason to attend a golf academy, is for the intensive skills training attendees receive as a result of being around like-minded peers and professionals. Playing and learning from instructors who are well-versed and experienced in the art of golf, allows the student to “learn from the best,” ask necessary questions, and observe the technique used by expert golfers. Students are given the opportunity to assess their strengths and areas for growth and be guided by trained professionals in meeting their goals.

Health and Physical Benefits

The health and physical benefits of playing golf, particularly at a golf academy, include but are not limited to: access to vitamin D, cardiovascular flow, muscle strengthening, and of course burning calories! These benefits are highlighted in an academy setting, because the nature of the program is simply to practice and play golf, all the while receiving healthful benefits and improving one’s craft.

Hands on Supervision

As was touched on in the skill building section, golf academies allow students to learn technique and to utilize skills as they are modeled by trained professional instructors. Golf academies are unique in that they provide a space for clients to observe and be observed. Students can watch and mimic technique they see and can also be instructed in a way that is personal and tailored to their golf playing style, form, and game.


While golf academies are a great choice for anyone interested in the sport, they are particularly beneficial for those who may want to become professional or make a career out of the game. Even if golf is not your career path of choice, it is a common activity used in other areas of business, and therefore is a great skill to have regardless of your end professional goal. If professional golf is your dream, attending a golf academy can open doors for you as you will have firsthand access to like-minded individuals being trained beside you as well as well-connected instructors, many of which may have a history in occupational golf. These networking ties that can be made at a golf academy are very specific to this type of school and should be sought after by anyone who wants to take their golf-playing skills to the next level.

Social Bonds

Lastly, social bonds and a support team are provided at these unique academies. Though students tend to enter at different skill levels, there is a common factor of wanting to improve one’s game. Additionally, those who attend golf academies truly love the sport and can connect with other individuals who feel similarly, allowing for united growth, support, and socializing.