Poker aficionados often go to great lengths in exploring new places for tournaments and other thrilling cash games. Many of them combine poker trips and vacations together to enjoy poker and to meet their family members’ holiday needs at the same time. Fortunately, many large poker tours have decided on some of the world’s beautiful places for hosting poker tournaments. Most big poker tournaments are now conducted at amazing holiday destinations. Thus, minimizing your effort to plan the perfect holiday for you and your family.

Listed below are top 5 places a poker player must visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

No surprises here, at the top of the list is the most popular gambling destination in the world. Located in the American state of Nevada, Las Vegas is a dream destiny for many poker lovers. The city hosts the world’s richest poker tournament, the World Series of Poker Main Event, and is a home to the biggest cash game action. Las Vegas strip has over 32 casinos and many streets nearby where you can play live poker to your heart’s content. For beginners, Binions Casino is an ideal choice as the tables here start with $2 and $4. Professionals should visit “Bobby’s Room” at The Bellagio, which is a great place to try their luck. Besides being the hottest poker stop, Las Vegas is also a beautiful city with a vibrant nightlife.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo may not be an ideal choice for you if you are planning a budget holiday. It is perhaps one of the glamorous places on earth. Juxtaposed with the French and Italian borders on the Mediterranean Sea, this place is for those who are up for a lavish lap in luxury. What makes this city iconic for poker is the Monte Carlo Casino, where Europe’s richest tournament takes place, the European Poker Tour Grand Finale. Aside from this, Monaco’s beaches and restaurants are bewitching; you can also tread on the cliff sides along Avenue Saint-Martin, or try some F1 racing. The city has bucket loads of attractions to make your vacation memorable.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is another top contender in the list of holiday destinations, thanks to its numerous casinos. The Oz land is not only a home to the beach culture but also to the biggest casino in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne Crown Casino. The casino conducts the Aussie Million Championship and the Poker News Cup every year in the month of October. While you are here, you can also visit the Melbourne Zoo, pet a kangaroo or enjoy the city’s nightlife. If you are up for it, you can also drive up to the Great Ocean Road or take a look at the cute penguin parade on Philip Island.


Poker websites in India have had great success in garnering the attention of poker fandom. Though online poker in India is trending more than live, there are some destinations where online is no match for live poker. One such destination is Goa, the Las Vegas of India. Popular as a party destination, Goa has witnessed a massive rise in the turnout of poker players. Goa also offers bewitching natural views, exotic restaurants, water sports, and many off shore casinos. Thanks to the floating casinos here, people have started recognizing Goa as the best poker holiday destination.


No one needs to be introduced to this major tourist attraction in the world. London has it all, a vast selection of theaters, Royal Parks, museums, and galleries. Tourists can also enjoy the Big Ben, the famous Warner Bros, Studio Tour for Harry Potter fans, and the huge London Eye. Apart from these appealing destinations, London hosts some of the world’s prestigious poker tournaments. Every September, the World Series of Poker Europe and the European Poker Tour UK takes place in London. Some well-known casinos of London are the Grosvenor Victoria, Fifty, and Empire.