Do you ever feel stressed with deadlines from your work or personal life? Whether you are a new public employee or feel the tension from the stress of the job, this article will tell you how stress builds up and what to do about it. I’ll show you the techniques such as learning how to manage stress from work.

The most significant cause of stress is public employees, especially those who work for government agencies. But you have to learn about How to Manage Stress from Work (การ จัดการ ความเครียด ใน การ ทํา งาน, which is the term in Thai).

5 Stress Relief Tips To Deal With Stress From Work

1. Get Quality Sleep:

Most people complain of lack of sleep. However, research shows that your sleep quality is directly related to your stress level. If you sleep for 6 hours every night, your stress level will be lower than someone who sleeps for 4 hours. You will feel more refreshed, and your body will handle stress better.

2. Preplan Your Day:

Many people plan their workday in a disorganised manner. They use their day inefficiently and cannot manage their time well. You can set goals for the day and determine what you need to do to achieve them. Many people find that planning their day helps them become more efficient and have learned How to Manage Stress from Work.

3. Set Schedule Breaks In Weekends:

Many people take breaks when they feel stressed from work. Breaks might be necessary, but people often take them at the wrong time. It would help if you took breaks when you felt comfortable and not stressed. For example, you can set a break in your weekend and live a stress-free week ahead.

4. Keep Exercise In Your Routine:

Your overall health and quality of life motivate your commitment to exercising. No matter your activity of choice, you need to work out to keep your body functioning efficiently constantly. You can benefit from many ways, such as reducing your risk of certain diseases and modern day’s high stress from work.

5. Learn How To Relax In A Busy Schedule:

Stress can come from being juggled with too many duties. Fortunately, there are many ways to relax and de-stress. You can spend an hour unwinding in a relaxing setting. Taking a five-minute break each day to relax can help you become less stressed. Try to write down what’s stressing you out. Try to focus on your positive thoughts and remind yourself of what was stressing you out.


This article mentioned the essential tips for managing stress from work. We hope that these tips will help out you deal with stress at work. There are several essential things you can try to relieve stress from work, but importantly you should learn How to Manage Stress from Work. Because stress is unavoidable, it’s essential to learn how to manage it, especially nowadays.