We know that the holidays can be an extremely stressful time for recovering alcoholic and addicts. New Year’s Eve is notorious to be a celebration full of toasts, shots, and parties. It seems everywhere you go on New Year’s Eve the temptation of alcoholic and drugs will be present. If you are considering breaking your recovery on New Year’s Eve or need sober living to get through the holidays sober, contact our affordable drug rehab center for help.

  1. Take a Trip

A great way to get away for the New Year’s Eve holiday and stay sober is to take a trip. Whether by yourself, with sober friends, or a loved one, traveling to a warm and cozy place is just the ticket. Try going to a place that is drivable but in the countryside. Rent a cabin for a couple days or cozy up in a warm hotel. Getting away for a few days will help you relax and relieve any stress that may have been building up thinking about how difficult it will be to keep sober on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Host a Party with Others in Recovery

Gather some friends also in recovery and host a sober themed party. Make a delicious meal, create a bumping playlist, and break out the board games. Having people around you who are going through the same struggles will help make the night go by smoother. Everyone will be together to support one another and to make the night a fun one. Play board games, dance, and chat about your New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Drink Mocktails

Try making a few different mocktails on New Year’s Eve. Whatever your plans, look up a couple good recipes for mocktails – try something new! Creating mocktails will help satisfy the craving for a drink if you start itching for one after hearing about everyone’s party plans. If you are planning on going to a restaurant or lounge with some friends, don’t be afraid to ask the bartender for a mocktail. They’ll whip you up something delicious and alcohol-free, that way you’ll have a drink in hand with your friends.

  1. Offer to be DD

If you may be planning to go out with friends but are staying sober, try offering to be the designated driver for your group. It might be a pain at the end of the night to haul all of your drunk friends into your car and drive them home, but you’ll be getting your friends home safe and you’ll create an important obligation to stay sober.

If you’re in recovery or working on your recovery, remember that you are not alone and there are people who care about you. If you need assistance with your recovery or need sober living, please contact our affordable drug rehab center for help. Happy New Year and stay safe!