Celebrating events is always easier when you have an activity that everyone enjoys already set up and ready to go. In fact, your in home bowling alley provides an exciting space for people of all ages to gather as they square off to see who can get the highest score. With the entertainment already handled, you can focus on adding extra elements to your party that will get everyone excited about sauntering up to the lane and showing off their skills.

Give It a Glow

Extreme bowling has risen in popularity over the past couple of years, and you can light up your lanes for some extra fun. Hang black lights and colored fixtures throughout your bowling space, and invite your friends to bring their favorite glow balls. Then, dim the lights and watch as everyone oohs and ahs at the awesome scene you create.

Throw In a Trivia Contest

Do you know the minimum weight for bowling balls in competitions? There isn’t one, and you can keep your guests guessing by adding a trivia contest to your party. As your guests wait their turn, keep the questions going and give points for each right answer. This game within a game will ensure that no one gets bored as they enjoy your favorite new addition to your home.

Go Retro

Bowling is one of the sports that has lasted throughout many decades, but everyone knows it really took off back in the 1950s. Host a retro party by telling your guests to wear their favorite vintage dresses and suits. Serve gelatin salad and play some of your favorite rock songs from the era. Then, get ready to laugh and mingle among the poodle skirts and old leather jackets that arrive to hang out at your in home bowling alley.

Embrace the Holiday

Watching as a superhero bowls alongside a pixie or knocking over some reindeer pins adds a whole new element to this classic game. Think about the upcoming holiday, and find ways to incorporate it into your party. For example, stringing Christmas lights along the walls of your alley will give it a touch of holiday cheer. Alternatively, a fog machine and spider webbing strung around the lanes will make it extra spooky.

Finding new ways to decorate your in home alley keeps it interesting, and you never have to worry about planning activities for your upcoming events. In fact, having the extra time on your hands gives you even more room for creating the biggest event of the year by adding a few special touches that transform the game. Whether your friends are trivia buffs or would love to jump back into a bygone era, mixing it up in your alley will ensure that everyone has a blast.