Wellness Center NJ

Addiction is a growing problem. Those who suffer from chemical dependency and addiction are among the most vulnerable people in our society. Recent advances in the study of addiction have revealed that while chemical addiction has been treated as a moral failing and a criminal offense, the truth is that it is an impairment in a person’s ability to make healthy choices. It is a problem that anyone can fall victim to.

Here at the Wellness Wellness Center NJ, we are dedicated to delivering the full scope of treatment options to those who have fallen victim to substance abuse and chemical dependency.

Our Services Include

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Patients who have become chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol require the careful, measured, and medically supported detoxification that only a fully licensed, staffed, and equipped medical detox center can provide. We deliver the full scope of care and support that our patients who are chemically dependent need to begin the recovery process.

 Addiction Treatment

Our programs include individual and group counseling for a full range of support during the recovery process, complete with outpatient treatment and guidance, family programs, and an array of therapies. This three-tiered approach creates a comprehensive approach to recovery for individuals, couples, and families- leaving no one out of the loop.

 Mental Health Services

Often, chemical dependency, substance abuse, and addiction are accompanied by mental health challenges which must be addressed in order to fully treat the larger problem of chemical dependence. Treating the following mental health challenges is an important part of any complete recovery program:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Borderline Personality Disorder

All too often those who suffer from addiction are afraid of the stigma attached to those who seek treatment of these mental health challenges. They believe they will be seen as weak, or inadequate. This is especially so for those with responsibilities. Here at the Wellness Center in New Jersey, we understand this. Our programs are designed to be supportive and to educate those we serve so that they understand that a mental health problem is not their fault, that they are treatable, and that anyone can develop problems of this kind.

 Our Promise

The medical detox interventions provided by the Wellness Center are completely safe, professional and fully monitored by our trained and experienced medical staff. Group and individual therapies are discrete, caring, and offer all of our patients the choice and comprehensive support that is critical to the recovery process. The Wellness Center in New Jersey is staffed by highly professional and caring medical and counseling experts who understand how difficult it can be to live with addiction. Our patients can expect caring support from dedicated practitioners who are motivated by a desire to help others. We accept most insurance plans and are ready to discuss your options.

Our mission is you provide those we serve with the tools, techniques, and the support they need to recover fully and to live a life free of substance abuse.