The beautiful Cyclades, is a group of 33 islands, in the Greek Aegean sea.

It is worth, once in your lifetime to visit at least one of them, but my recommendation is that you have to pay a visit at the most stunning island of south Aegean sea, Syros island.

Its uniqueness is in such a degree, that we decided to build a website in order to inform all the people who are interested in Syros news and generally in Cyclades news.

Put your advertisement in Cyclades24

A very clever move for you, is to publicize your ad with a Cyclades ad, related with any kind of business, or with either a rental or a sell of a house.

On the side, you can post your Syros ad in case you are unemployed and you are looking for a job in the area, or even if you are searching for personnel, here you would find your people!

Watch all the scheduled routes for and from Syros

Till now, you have been looking everywhere to make it clear when there is a ship or an airplane with destination to the island, and the opposite, to move off Syros.

With an organized plan, you have easy access to the routes. Moreover, you can learn the program and from the mini bus, and from the long distance bus, not to lose your time.

The web tv of Cyclades24 fulfils your free time

Web tv is consisting from 10 different subcategories, which are all so interesting and full informative.

For example, there is a subcategory about the religion’s issues, about interviews with honorable persons of the community, about sports with its local teams and not only, and about tributes to Syros and to its wonderful people.

Stay tuned and learn first the news!