In market, there are several cars, which claim to meet your requirements on the safety basis. Hyundai cars are awarded with the Top Safety Pick+ Award and show an excellent crash prevention rating. Most of the buyers praised Houston Hyundai Tucson for perfect lustrous design and beautiful interiors. It comes with the rear view camera that helps the driver to watch out something coming in a way to avoid any accident. Along with this, there are other safety options available like Auto Emergency Braking, Pedestrian Protection, Blind Spot Protection, and Lane Departure Warnings.

Hyundai Tucson

The pedestrian protection is ideal for automatic stopping in case the car sense the presence of any person on the road. The condition is that the speed should be in between 5 to 43 mph. therefore; this is best for preventing the collisions.

Talking about the Automatic Emergency Braking along with pedestrian protection, it has the feature of detecting other vehicles. Thus, the Tucson is full with the safety features and has the capability to stop at 5 to 50 mph when the vehicle is too close.

In Hyundai Tucson, you can find the Blind Spot Detection. This is helpful in taking the safe decisions at the time of driving. You get the alert if any car comes in the range of blind spot. In the case when any vehicle hits your car at the speed over 20 mph, then it creates an audible sound that indicates the presence of vehicle in the blind spot.

There is a system in Houston Hyundai Tucson, which has the ability to prevent any kind of collision. It is Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, and Rear Cross-traffic Alert. To be very true, it is designed to sense any objects behind your Tucson. The feature gets activated when the car is going in reverse condition.

According to a survey, there are many distractions on the road that are becoming the reasons for accident. Therefore, to remain alert you definitely required these features in your car. The Tucson we offer is enthralled with all the features and become the guardian angel. Hyundai has the utmost aim to keep the driver safe, even in case of the accident. Along with all, the car also comes with a unique feature named as Blue Link. According to this, it can automatically connect you to the response center if any accident happens. Thus, you will get the help within minimal time.

The airbag get deployed when the Blue Link notify the center and let them know your exact position. Now, there is no need to say that Houston Hyundai Tucson is an angel in our life who safe our life while protecting us from any misfortune.

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