Chris Oyakhilome is well-known by the name of Pastor ChrisOyakhilome. He hosts variety of programs to create individualsnotice regarding the supernatural power of holy spirits and therefore the presence of Logos in their lives. Pastor Chris earns ton of affection and respect from his followers and has helped them to urge relief from the mental, physical and non-secular grievances.

  • Christ Embassy– To urge salvation from grievances:

Even today, God shows miracles through his Man. You’ll be able to expertise the marvel of God at Christ Embassy International Healing College wherever Pastor Chris Oyakhilome helps individuals with the divine powers of God. At pastor healing sessions thousands of men and girls expertise the Holy Ghost of God and obtain relief from their physical and physiological ailments. The Christ Embassy may be a healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that is running with the aim to create the planet privy to the ability of God through marvel of divine healing and solidification.

The healing college of Christ Embassy organizes prayer sessions in numerous locations everywhere the planet in order that massage of God is sent to most range of individuals. These sessions square measure attended by variety of followers UN agency square measure troubled in their life with non-secular, physical or physiological issues. Throughout the session, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome prays for the sufferers and anointed them with the healing power of God

  • Miracles of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome healing session:

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome helped thousands of individuals by removing sorrows in their life and teaches them a way to live a cheerful and prospering life. Many of us share their awful experiences that however the person of God helped them in dynamical their lives through his prayer sessions. Chantal Charbonneau is one in every of the followers of Pastor Chris UN agency attend his prayer session once she was defeated and unhappy along with her life. She was troubled from stiff-man syndrome, organic process issues and diabetes that created her life painful and therefore the scenario was obtaining worst day-by-day. But, once she attends the Chris Embassy healing session, the Pastor Chris heals her all the issues with the God’s healing power. Now, she may be a happy woman with none mental blockage and health ailments.

  • Get obviate the health ailments:

There is another testimony that shows the miracle of God’s power. Duma Francinah, a forty two year recent lady was affected by the acute pain of polyneuritis, iron deficiency, Fibroids and cardiovascular disease downside. She attended the prayer session of Chris Embassy wherever the person of God Pastor Chris prayed for her and these days she resides a healthy and happy life.

In the same manner, Selina Mthembu additionally tells her story that however the person of God cured her of the pain of carcinoma with the God’s non secular power. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome modified her life and these days she is additionally living a work and happy life. Long live Pastor Chris.

The venue of the concert was the CC1 Zonal Church area that frequently witnesses a sermons and teachings by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It absolutely was really associate in nursing inspiring and impactful time with attendees aroused to impact their world.