A lot of people nowadays want to work for a company that pays handsomely. Times are hard, and a lot of people are considering jobs that are dangerous. People still take the risk regardless of the compensation due to a lot of competition in the workforce, may the compensation be good or not. Ranked from least dangerous to the most, we take a look at the six most dangerous jobs in the state of Georgia.

6 – Shipping Container Manufacturing

People who are working in this field experience 5.1 injuries per 100 workers. Shipping containers are for storing goods such as food, construction material, etc. These are loaded on cargo ships for distribution around the world.

5 – Healthcare

Nurses and Healthcare providers are on the frontline of the hazards in this field. They experience 5.7 injuries per 100 workers. The figures could be significantly higher than the given statistics because of some personnel not reporting injuries while working. These injuries include needle pricks and small chemical burns.

4 – Roadworks and Construction

The construction workforce suffers 6.6 injuries per 100 workers. Jobs are also not limited to construction as the figures include those involved in street, bridge, and highway construction.

3 – Beverage Manufacturers

Factory workers that make beer and other cold beverages such as soda and energy drinks suffer from an estimated 7 injuries for every 100 workers.

2 – Messengers

Although modern times made it safe for couriers, they still suffer from 9.2 injuries for every 100 workers. Beating deadlines and dogs guarding houses often contribute to most of the injuries that they experience.

1 – Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture

Cattle farms and fisheries are the most common places for a worker to get injured. For an average of 100 workers, 16.5 injuries happen.


Due to the rising costs of daily living, people often take jobs that are risky. Even if the payout isn’t as good, people still ignore it and employ themselves in such fields. Individuals involved in the manufacture of shipping containers are safer due to the modernization and mechanization of the field. The most dangerous job for people in Georgia is in Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture. A staggering 16.5 injuries per 100 workers occur for individuals in this profession. In the end, people will still find employment, regardless of the risks just to earn a meager earning.