You may have heard the question “What is Rhino Shield” when listening to people talk about new developments in home maintenance. Rhino Shield isn’t paint. It’s a ceramic coating designed to protect your house. It can last up to 25 years when properly applied by professionals.  Rhino Shield is extremely tough (hence the name) and can stand up to the elements like none of its competitors. You’d expect this from a product called Rhino Shield. What you might not expect is how it can save you money. It’ll help prevent expensive repair bills and greatly reduce the number of costly paint jobs you need.

How to actually save money

Pick a top-rated painting company

If you pick a top-rated painting company, you’ll actually end up paying less. You won’t have to have the work redone. The best painting companies do not try to skimp out when you get a paint job from them. One house painting company and shop that consistently gets high marks is Rhino Shield SoCal. Check to see if you can get a quote from this excellent company.

Think through all of your painting needs

Carefully check all of your painting needs and ask yourself if they are too high or too low of a priority. It is especially important to check your house paint. It’s tempting to reduce the amounts to the bare minimum, but keep in mind the high costs of home maintenance in Southern California. You will actually save money by getting a new paint job for your house if your house gets hit with severe weather, as can happen in Southern California. Rhino Shield will help protect your house so you need fewer costly repairs.

Be vigilant during the painting process

As previously mentioned, some painting companies will try to save money by using a paint that results in low-quality protection and uses low-quality ingredients. Use Rhino Shield SoCal to ensure this doesn’t happen. Compare reviews of several different painting companies to see how well Rhino Shield SoCal is rated. Ask the employees about using real Rhino Shield coating, instead of the cheaper alternatives. They will tell you that cheaper alternatives often set poorly and are less durable than Rhino Shield.

Take advantage of discounts

The average cost per day of house painting in California is roughly $1600, which is a lot of money for most Californians. Costs can be substantially reduced through thorough use of discounts. Rhino Shield SoCal offers discounts for many different criteria, and the types and amounts of discounts vary from job to job. We often give discounts for large jobs and for being a member of certain groups. Discounts are also offered for those that have multiple jobs completed through our company.