Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, purely belongs to a Christian family known to be T.Oyakhilome and was the eldest child of the oyakhilome clan. Mr.Chris is famous to the world being a Christian priest. He is the foreman of an organization called ‘believers love world incorporated’. The organization owned by the priest is a body made to create awareness about Christianity and its teachings amongst the Christian masses in a better and clearer way so that people could understand their religion properly. He was also awarded a doctorate by ‘the Ambrose Ali University’ and ‘the Benson University’.

The Christian priest also known globally as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’ and Christ embassy was born on 7 December in Nigeria, in the city named Edo. He was married to a politically respected and famous women called Rev Anita, in 1991. Rev Anita was the head of the UK Embassy at the time they got married. The couple’s family figure was extended by two daughters. Being together for a good 25 years the pair decided to settle apart due to some personal reasons. On being asked the cause for their separation the two of them claimed about ‘unreasonable behavior’ as the reason for their partition while the ground reality is still under the cover. They divorced in the year 2014.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a very dignified man and always makes sure to consume his authorities in a way to benefit people and acknowledge them about the teachings of his religion in a better way. The holy man owns many networks around the world comprising of 5000 ministers in 145 countries plus he has three channels of his own named as ‘love world SAT’,‘love world TV’ and ‘love world plus’. These channels deliver content about Christianity to make it easy for the people to learn the prayers and holy rituals of their religion. The message given by his channels is very intense and beautiful. The telecasts receives a pretty good rate of viewers. People in countries like Nigeria, UK, USA, and Canada gather to listen his orations and conferences that are arranged in which prayers, holy songs, discussions and a lot more takes place.

The 55 year old used the internet to interact with people around the world more easily. He has his own website named as‘rhapsody of realities’. The content within the website is translated in 739 different languages allowed in 242 countries of the world. Having 1 million followers on twitter is an evidence of his huge popularity on social media. A group named ‘kings chat’ is made on messenger to socialize with people in other countries. He also supports the youth to enhance their qualities and skills by helping them financially so that they can proceed in a better way.

Chris oyakhilome and his Christ embassy is a very good as a person in every aspect of life. He has always helped the poor the young generation. Saying him ‘a man of god’ would not be something wrong. He proves to be a tremendous person by every act performed.