Getting a child involved in outdoor activities at an early age is important. There are many great wheeled and ride-on toys available that kids can use at different stages of their life to build their strength, balance, and enjoy the outdoors. The following guide walks you through a few of the many options to consider based on the age of your child.

Wheeled Toys for Toddlers

When your children are toddlers, they are starting to learn to walk and gain their balance. Toddlers are often not at the point of being able to ride a wheeled toy that pulls their feet away from the ground because they could lose their balance and fall over.

Balance bikes are great for toddlers. A balance bike is a bike that does not have a chain attached to it. It operates by your child keeping their balance and scooting the bike across the ground. This helps your child to learn how to balance on a bike and to start to learn how to guide it using the handlebars.

Ride-on toys are also great for toddlers to use. Ride on toys are available that your child can sit on or sit in to get around. The ride-on toys operate by your child scooting them as they step across the floor. There are some ride-on toys that have a handle attached to them so that you can push your child around to make them move a little bit quicker.

Wheeled Toys for Young Children

When toddlers become a bit older, their balancing skills will improve. Young children are often able to enjoy riding a bike that has training wheels attached to them. Training wheels are small wheels that are attached to the back wheel of the bike. The training wheels help to keep the bike from falling over as your child rides.

Scooters are also a great option for children. Take the time to choose scooters that have a large base for your child to put their feet on to help them have more balance. The narrower the base of the scooter is, the more likely your child will be to tip over when riding it.

Wheeled Toys for Older Children

Cardiff Skate Co. skates are often a great wheeled option for older kids because they simply slip over their shoes and can skate anywhere. The skates have multiple points of contact to the ground to ensure that your child is able to easily keep their balance. There is even a wheel on the heel of the skate so your child can learn to do unique tricks with the skates.

When your child masters riding a bike with training wheels, you can take the training wheels off and let your child learn to ride the bike on their own. Once your child gets great at bike riding, you could invest in a mountain bike so that your child can start enjoying some off-road riding.

A skateboard is another great wheeled toy to consider for older children. A skateboard allows your child to hone in on their balancing skills and have the ability to learn how to do unique tricks with the board. It is important to take the time to have your child try a few different boards in order to determine which one is right for them. There are many different lengths available.

When you allow your children to play on any wheeled toys, it is important to take the time to make sure that they are as safe as they can be at all times. Be sure to have them wear a bike helmet and elbow and knee pads to ensure that they do not get injured while they play. The pads and helmets are available in different sizes based on age and size of your child.