UP, or Uttar Pradesh, is a state that shares boundaries with Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana. In terms of its area, it’s the fourth largest Indian state, and the state with the most population. UP has around 17.35% of India’s total population. The capital of the state is Lucknow, and other major cities include Kanpur, Agra, Ghaziabad and Noida. With such a huge demographic, traffic violations are high. In a bid to smoothen the management of traffic and track offenders, the police in the state have adopted the issuance of an E-challan.

UP E challan Status

What is an E-challan?

A regular challan is basically a traffic ticket, given to an individual who breaks a traffic regulation. With digitization in every aspect of life the UP traffic police decided to have an electronic system (adopted by most Indian states by now) to monitor traffic violators and consequently, digitally issue an E-challan. UP has a large population, especially in urban areas with many vehicles on the road. Traffic congestion is a crucial issue in the whole state. With cameras at strategic locations throughout parts of every city, authorities are able to track any violations of regulations by users of vehicles. Cameras are connected to a centralized system and challans are issued accordingly. Now, traffic offenders can check E-challan status online.

For what offences is the E-challan issued?

For any kind of vehicle-related rule violation, an E-challan is issued. You can get an E-challan, which is your intimation to pay a fine, for the following violations in UP:

  • Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet – This will get you a fine of Rs. 500
  • Driving your vehicle without a seatbelt – For this violation, you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1,000
  • Breaking parking regulations – You will be fined Rs. 500 for the first violation, and Rs. 1,500 for every subsequent one
  • Driving your vehicle without a licence – You will incur a fine of Rs. 5,000
  • Breaking speeding limit rules – You will be fined Rs. 4,000

As you can see, fines are high and you may want to know about more charges from Finserv MARKETS.

How do you check your E-challan status?

The practice of issuing an E-challan is executed via SMS to your registered mobile number. In case you fail to see it or don’t know whether you have violated a traffic rule, you may want to check your challan status online. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. You can visit the portal, Parivarhan, a government portal to check your status
  2. Click on the ‘Check Challan Status’ tab, and you will be led to a page to fill out your vehicle number or driving licence number
  3. If you have no challans to your name, you will see ‘Challan Not Found’
  4. In case you do have a challan issued to you, a window with your violation details will pop up, including a section from where you can generate your fine. You must pay your fine to make your status ‘No Challan Found’

Closing Comments

An E-challan is an efficient system adopted by the UP traffic authorities to monitor and fine traffic offenders, and you can find out if you have any E-challans on record by checking your status at Finserv MARKETS.