We all want to be happy. It is finding the path that will get us from where we are to where we are happy that is a problem. Most of us assume if we had more of what is missing in our lives, that is all it would take. That means that someone who is unhappy in a relationship might start their journey towards happiness by ending their relationship. Someone who doesn’t have enough money to be financially secure might take on a second job or start playing the lottery regularly. The person who is not happy with their home might begin looking for a bigger, better place to live. These are examples of how people often go about becoming happy in the wrong way.

Dr. Robert Puff explains that to learn how to be happy in life, we must make happiness our primary focus. The focus on building a good relationship with your life partner needs to be the second priority. After that, the focus should be on relationships with extended family members. This approach to happiness is based on the idea that until you take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else. Start with a happy you and you will be able to make everyone else in your life happier and more content.

The Importance of Your Career

Your career can provide you with income while giving you a sense of accomplishment. Only after you, your partner, and then your extended family should you focus on being happy in your career.

We spend a lot of time at our jobs and build relationships with co-workers that are not of our choosing. There is always the potential for those relationships to be strained and for anger to be a problem in the workplace. No matter how hard you try to learn how to be happy in life with regards to your first priorities, bad relationships at work can have a big impact on your overall feelings at work and at home. You need to make the choice to work on these relationships and make them better or to put yourself in a new position with the hopes that it will be easier to accomplish what is needed.

Achieving the Perfect Balance

Some people may find this approach to happiness difficult to understand. It simply doesn’t come natural to put their well-being before that of anybody else’s. It is important to achieve the perfect balance between taking care of your needs and those of others. You don’t want to lean so far to that end that you are selfish. The goal is to be your best so that you can fill the role that you play in every area of your life more effectively.

If you go so far as to research how to be happy in life, then you are probably not doing a good job of achieving this goal already. The right approach and the professional counselor who has helped others achieve their goal can help you find the happiness that is missing in your life.