Landlords are just like a business owner who work to make their business more profitable but along the way are faced with potential and sometimes real liabilities. If you have rental properties you may need to hire a lawyer for yourself, as sometimes you may face legal problems or need to do an eviction. An eviction lawyer can help you in reaching your landlord goals and also can help you out in routine queries about leases, for example, or other issues.

If we talk about eviction, it is the physical removal of tenants from your rental property by the local sheriff. Landlords cannot throw their tenants out of their property forcibly, change the locks or cut off utilities under California law. If you force a tenant out with what is called a “self-help” eviction, you could face serious legal issues.

A single mistake of yours, such as in mis-preparing the eviction notice or serving it improperly, can delay your eviction process. Hence, you need to be very careful. An eviction lawyer is one of the only problem-solvers in such situations that has all the knowledge and experience you need to help you out.

Laws for tenant evictions are different in different states. It is not an overnight process that you can do within a few minutes, but in California you need to provide a Three-Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent to the tenant. If you are thinking about hiring an eviction lawyer, let us explain some tasks to simplify your course of action.

Tenant eviction: As the name implies, an eviction lawyer helps landlords use legal means, in court if necessary, to force a non-paying or badly behaving tenant out of their property. It is essential to inform tenants through legal papers called the Three-Day Notice, properly served, about the eviction. And to deal with all of these things, it is necessary to have an eviction lawyer unless you are very well-versed in the entire process and can get it right the first time yourself. If you don’t get it right the first time, you might have a non-paying tenant in your property even longer.

There are some situations when you need an eviction lawyer: evicting tenants for the first time, a tenant is filing for bankruptcy, a tenant is bringing legal action against you with the help of a lawyer, you have to comply with rent control, or some other situations.

Proper paperwork: Hiring an eviction lawyer is not always all about evictions, but some landlords also hire such attorneys to help them navigate fair housing laws and rental and lease agreements. Landlords need all paperwork to be correct, not just eviction notices but also leases. The paperwork has to be written correctly to avoid legal problems in the future.

Illegal discrimination: Lawyers versed in landlord/tenant law know exactly how to handle a complaint against you, the landlord, for unlawful discrimination. They also can defend you in case a tenant claims to be hurt or ill because of carelessness on your part.

Major Property Damage: You also need the help of an eviction lawyer if your tenants have caused serious damage to your property. Or you can also be sued if you haven’t maintained your rented property properly.

Taxation: Taxes are an essential component of every person’s and institution’s finances, as they needs to be adequately filed with well-drafted papers. Moreover, an IRS audit of your rental business is another reason to hire an eviction lawyer.

Whether it comes to evict a tenant, do tax work, fight legal issues or you need help with your paperwork, an eviction lawyer can make it much easier for you. It is not always necessary to hire an eviction lawyer for your general proposes, but if you have some properties on rent, it might be quite obvious that you need one’s help. We have tried here to introduce you to the different tasks of an eviction lawyer so that you can understand the situation and make a perfect decision whether you need one or not.