Luxury is priceless. Find the perfect floor plan to fit your needs. Choose from one- two- or three-bedroom floor plans in inspiring neighborhoods and prominent communities. Houston luxury apartments offer many amenities, so take advantage of the new, five- star, on- site modern day designs.

Choose to Live in a Historic Neighborhood

Where you choose to live is a reflection of who you are. Living in or near the historic district in Houston, it allows you to stay in touch with nature and revisit the past. When checking out the neighborhood, do visit the nearby Holocaust Museum and take a look at the authentic pictures, documents, films and artifacts from that era. Learn how two distinct populations handled evil and injustice.

Select Single- Tower- or Split- Level Floorplans

It is all in the style, whether you choose a single, and tower or split- level floor plan. The perfect apartment can be a few hundred feet, to well over 1,000 square feet, depending on your preference. Most split- level apartments comes with a high- rise balcony, overlooking nature. You can wake up to fresh air, and a peace of mind every morning.

Tower apartments are sleek and eloquently built. They have expansive living areas, with large walk- in closets, a private terrace, and a beautiful kitchen island. This is the perfect floor plan for couples, singles or small families. The granite countertops, Roman bathtubs, tracking lights are built in amenities.

Take a Virtual Tour When Available

Most realtors and property owners offer prospective renters an awesome, virtual tour. Take a look at several great Houston luxury apartments, from the comfort of your home, office, or vacation resort. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a property video is worth so much more. When time prevents you from being there, a virtual tour is the next best step.

Apartments with a Heart

Living within walking distance of downtown is the Heart of Houston Metro. You are in a constant walking distance of shopping malls, eateries, entertainment, public transportation and nature trails. If you like being surrounded by acoustic sights and sounds, the heart of Houston is the ideal location.

Experience Luxury Living to the Fullness

Finding the right apartment in Houston requires patience, perseverance, and preciseness. Choose which side of town you like, the best neighborhood, and the amount you are willing to pay. Some property owners allow interested parties to apply online, which you can do from anywhere in the world.

Depending on the apartment complex, more than 29 different floor plans are available. These include high- rise, mid- rise, tower style, split- level, single- story and more. Apartments are designed to meet or exceed every imaginable need, wish, want, and desire. From gourmet kitchen islands, to in- home washers and dryers, the choice of great living is yours.