Here comes Wash Day, and you do your best to make your curls pop. But something goes wrong, and you are disappointed with results. We are sure the described situation is one every woman have faced at least once in her life. Stylists at hair salon Midtown East NYC have prepared a list of reasons why curls might be ‘failing’ and how to fix the situation.

#1 Be realistic

Maybe you are setting high expectation? It is a well-known fact that curls are quite stubborn and live their own life. You may spend a lot of money and time trying to get the perfect curl pattern but forget about humidity level which can easily ruin all your endeavors. Stylists at hair salon Midtown East NYC recommend stop aligning yourself with the smiling models on the package of advertised product and focus on keeping your hair healthy the way it is.

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#2 Be interested

You’ve bought a product A, and it doesn’t work. Ok, all happens, you go for other product, for example, B, and it doesn’t bring the desirable effect. Now, it’s time to stop and think. Take a look at the ingredient list and compare: maybe they are the same? If not, try to find a new one product which doesn’t contain any components enlisted in the A and B lines.

#3 Use what works for you

If you have curly hair, you already know that your locks are unique. So, try to find what works for you instead of doing what is trendy. Of course, if you don’t give a chance to different methods, you won’t know what is good for you. Say ‘NO’ to those which don’t bring the desirable result.

#4 Time you spend

Wash Day may require all your attention. Proper detangling is vital for curly hair because it is the only way product can be applied. If you are not ready to be patient and follow all the procedure steps, there is no sense to do it.

#5 Praying Hands method

Yes, this approach deserves to be mentioned separately. Know what it is? Great! Use it every Wash Day. Don’t know? No problem. The secret of this method is in distributing product using hands clenched in a praying pose. It results in less frizzy and highly defined curls.

We hope these simple tips will help you to better the results of Wash Day, and you will enjoy the perfect curls.