Fashionable hairstyles for men in color

Fading haircuts are on top of the world this year. Professional hair stylists combine it with the most different hairstyles. They can be short, long, textured and structured, but fading will only improve each of them. No other hairstyle can provide you with such a fresh and clean effect. Of course, it requires a lot of skills and experience to create, but the game is worth the candle. Kinky hair type offers you varied length for hair on the top. If you are looking for new look for yourself, our blog is meant for you. Professional stylists at the best barber shop in ny offer you three stunning fading haircuts for black men.

Fashionable hairstyles for men

# 1 Geometric lines 

If you like strict geometric lines, this variant is for you. It will equally work on kinky and straight hair, the key thing is to create distinctive lines and define borders between faded sides and thick, voluminous top. Geometric hair will never go out of fashion, so you can go for it, without being afraid to look silly.

# 2 Smooth wavy fade

This hairstyle is created for kinky and wavy hair, guys with straight locks cannot get such a beautiful smooth waves. Cut your top layer short and add fading effect on the sides in order to update old, well-known image and incorporate some fresh notes to it.

# 3 Faux Hawk with side fade 

This is exactly that case when messy hair looks beautiful and extraordinary. Barbers consider it one of the most versatile and universal looks that can be embraced on any hair texture and structure. Naturally curly hair looks absolutely cool in combination with short, faded sides. If you’re feeling a little punk rock but don’t want to give your grandmother a heart attack at your next family gathering, the faux hawk haircut is something you should consider. Inspired by the perpetually punk Mohawk, the faux hawk is the less radical version that will allow you to play up the punk on the weekend, but keep things relatively conservative and professional during the week.

Choose one of these awesome haircuts and enjoy your new look.