When Britain decided to leave the European Union (Brexit), history was written in front of our eyes. While still in the negotiating stages, it could change everything and have powerful ripples around the world. One place on our planet that may become affected by it, is Africa, and particularly Nigeria. In a recent interview, the Prophet TB Joshua, supreme leader of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), had some very interesting things to say about Brexit and how it will impact Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Brexit and Nigeria According to TB Joshua

TB Joshua expressed a number of thoughts and ideas as a result of the Brexit result. Those include:

  • That the world is moving increasingly towards isolationism, which could have a negative content on the African continent.
  • That Britain is highly concerned about the free movement of people, i.e. immigration, and that the people of Britain wish to stop immigration as much as possible.
  • That there is a revival of the British Empire, in which Britain controls everything and is not exposed to threats to natural society by migration Africans and Asians.
  • That there is a chance of Britain becoming a global super power, if it is managed properly. This despite the fact that the European Union can now no longer compete with the likes of America and China.
  • Britain will gain a type of independent right like Russia and America on the United Nations Security Council, being able to veto any decisions on things like Foreign Aid.
  • That Britain feels it can now protect itself from radical Islamism.

Why These Things Matter to TB Joshua

The key factor of Brexit and, for that matter, the election of Donald Trump as US president, is the fact that the far right is becoming more popular once again. There is a real fear about the rise of fascism, not just in Europe, but all over the world. Africa, unfortunately, continues to be heavily dependent on foreign aid payments, continuing to be indebted to the United Nations, the European Union, and individual countries. Foreign Aid, however, is a very liberal, left wing concept, and this is where the issue lies.

Worryingly, it seems that TB Joshua has been right in terms of the dangers of Brexit. In the British newspapers, and in the US media for that matter, there are continuous stories asking why there is money for foreign aid, when there are people who are homeless in their own country. Nigeria is also a particular country “to watch” due to Boko Haram. As a result, the effects of Brexit on Nigeria could be tremendous. TB Joshua has also made predictions about the Nigerian economy, which could be very close to the truth if his prophecies about the effect of Brexit are equally true.

In starting SCOAN, TB Joshua has dedicated his life to help the needy and weak, ensuring they will always have a place of shelter and healing. He extends his welcome to all of the United Kingdom who are in need of salvation.