Assalamu Alaykum to all my dear brother and sister today we have brought a very powerful and impactful Dua which will show its impact in just three days and you will be benefited from all its trials. Reciting this Dua will help you to get your partner to come back to you in a short period because it will increase a connection and bond between both of you so that you both can start your relationship again as before.

Happy young couple in love kissing at a park

After reading this Dua, you will realise that your partner has started loving you more than before. If you are facing any difficulties in resetting this duo and you are not getting the results as you are told, then you can contact our Maulvi Sahab by clicking on the WhatsApp button below. We promise that he will help you regularly regarding the matter and guide you in a certain way.

It is believed that People live happily when they leave with their partners peacefully. But sometimes due to some misunderstandings, they get away from each other and start ignoring while having communication. This leads to A very big problem when couples start thinking negative about each other. In this section, you will get a powerful wazifa that will help you to get someone back to you. After reading this, you will be able to realise that person has started showing interest in you and he or she is coming back to you. This is a very powerful dua to get lost love which every boy and girl should read when they start getting ignored by the other person. You can even pray to Allah for love and support which he will shower on you. It is very important to get the person Back whom you love immensely within time so that your relationship stays and sustain strong and longer.

You have to read this Dua in the following instructions mentioned below;

  • You have to take a small size photo of your partner who is angry with you or who is not having a regular conversation with you. After holding this small photo in your hand, you can read surah-hud 11:47 four consecutive seven times for at least seven days.
  • If you start reciting this Dua on a Friday night, then it will be a great start because on this day, here the weather will be excepted with more chances. You have to put on your mind, soul and love while reciting this Dua so that it would be effective.
  • Also, you can put some sweets near you while reciting the prayer, and after you finish the prayer you can have a small sweet to fresh your mood and emotions concerning that person. It would be a great finish for the prayer.

If a person tries his best, he can win anyone’s heart in his lifetime. Apart from this, he has to do certain things to win the heart of another person who is angry with him. Sometimes people make mistakes because they might be going through their bad times and they are not aware of what they are saying and doing to others. But after few days, they realise what they have done wrong. But by this time, things get so worse that It cannot be made normal again. Hence, brothers and sisters like you come to us and we provide you with a special and powerful Dua which will surely resolve all your issues in a very short period. If you are having any kind of problem while reciting this Dua, then you can again read the instructions carefully and start again after some time. If you do this regularly, Then you will show a great result within few days.