With ever increasing technology, a driver may find themselves spending more time with their focus on their phones or other electronic devices rather than the road. Every day in the United States more than 1100 people are injured in car accidents due to electronic distractions. Distracted drivers have turned to Houston personal injury lawyers for help.  While there are many ways to become distracted on the road, some of the most common distraction that result in motor vehicle accidents include,

Texting and Emailing While Driving

With the benefit of having communication at our fingertips also comes the added distraction of it.  Many drivers think that they can send off a quick text or email without incident while at a light or driving on cruise control without much traffic.  Unfortunately, a lot of accidents can happen quickly when messaging you are cognitively distracted for a longer period of time than it takes to actually compose the message.

Using Navigation

While in-car navigation systems are a great way to get directions and updated traffic conditions, they also can be a source of prolonged distraction while driving.  Some navigation systems can be more complicated or require a lot of input to operate.  This type of distraction not only takes your eyes off the road but your focus off as well by having to complete the onscreen instructions.

Making Phone Calls

Even with hands-free and Bluetooth technology, talking on the phone will lessen your focus as well as slow down your reaction time while driving.  Additionally, trying to pull a phone out of a purse, look up a contact, or dial a number will take your eyes and mind off the road long enough to cause an accident.

Social Media Posting

With an increase in social media, many drivers are using social media posts to document trips, give updates on status, and provide current locations.  Typically these posts are short so many drivers feel they do not take a lot of time.  Many drivers will upload photos, change statuses, and respond to messenger chats while on long road trips due to boredom.  These short posts can result in several minutes of distraction when all the steps such as searching, posting, and uploading take place.

What Drivers Are Most At Risk?

While statistics show that you can be prone to distracted driving at any age, there tends to be higher rate of distracted driving related accidents in teenage and young adult drivers.  Reasons for this can include,

  • Fewer years of on-road experience
  • Higher use of social media
  • More reliance on technology
  • Passengers who are more likely to be distracting

Distracted driving is a growing problem that can lead to severe injury related motor vehicle accidents.  Since technology is only increasing it is important to know the dangers of distracted driving and how to avoid them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to a driver being distracted, you may be entitled to additional compensation.  Contact a personal injury attorney today to discuss your options and achieve a settlement you deserve.