Product manufactures, horticulturists, and cannabis users alike, have waited decades for the rightful change in public perception over the casual use of marijuana. Medical professionals have hailed its health benefits, and supporters of global legalization have insisted on its innocence in the world of recreational substances.

With the public consensus shifting gradually, one state at a time, soon cannabis and user-friendly products will see a boom in the market. Inventions such as the convenient on-the-go smoking devices like roll uh bowl, will be rid of a disparaging stigma attached to a flowering bush deemed a federal crime.

Bernie Goes to Bat

Former candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, tried with little success, to get legislation on the floor to reverse the federal stance on cannabis.

The proposed bill’s primary objective would be to erase marijuana from the DEA’s list of Schedule 1 drugs. Although there has yet to be another legislator brave enough to join the cause, the pressure is mounting to change the obviously mistaken stereotype placed on cannabis

Schedule 1 Rating?

Schedule 1 drugs are defined as not only having a dangerously high propensity for abuse, but also no documented medical benefit. Certainly, a first-year law student could successfully argue for the latter half of that premise to be flipped on its ear. To be lifted off this list, one would think all that would need to be accomplished would be to prove it a medical miracle. Seems lawmakers are yet convinced.

However, even a debate over the medicinal benefits of cannabis aside, decades of research evidence has shown the drugs that are labeled Schedule 1, present a far greater level of danger for society. The hard drugs, as they are often referred, have a proven proclivity to do damage across the culture nothing like cannabis use.

Head Stuck in the Sand?

With no reports of federal DEA raids in states where medical use and even legal consumption have been publicly accepted, it appears Washington, DC is sticking their head in the proverbial sand when it comes to cannabis. As more states begin to appreciate the medical advantages of cannabis, the idea that chasing down pot smoking criminals will be deemed a futile act. Eventually, federal lawmakers are going to have to face the absurdity of the current drug laws as they relate to cannabis.

As our federal legislators finally replace condemnation with common sense, decades worth of ignorance will be replaced with acceptance. The cannabis industry will be recognized for what it really is, but most of all, for what it never was. It’s taken over a half a century to shed the stigma that attached cannabis users to stoners, loners and hippies.

Instead of labeling people as federal criminals, building an unrealistic stereotype against a drug less harmful than booze, the whole drug culture will change. Those who enjoy cannabis will be able to do so, without the repercussions that have donned its use for years. The Wildwood Weed that Grew Wild on the Farm, will experience a welcome shift in public opinion.