people have chillies for a variety of reasons, but one of the most popular reasons is to add a bit of kick and taste to your food. There are many different types of chillies, all coming in different shapes and sizes. The Caribbean red hot chilli has been reported to be the hottest chilli in the world with Orange Habanero coming close.

However, people don’t just eat chillies because they’re tasty, they are also a lot of health benefits surrounding them. For example:

  • It has been said that if you eat a chilli a day, you will have a better night’s sleep.
  • Having chillies can also help you lose weight, this is because it speeds up the metabolism.
  • Chillies are filled with vitamins and has been known to fight inflammation and migraines.
  • Chillies have been known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Chillies have plenty of antioxidants in them, that is why it has been reported that having chillies can actually help protect you from cancer.
  • There are little calories in chillies, especially green chillies, where it is said there is no calories at all.
  • Combats sinus infections.
  • Just like water the green chillies can give you an amazing complexion, because it has been said to help your skin and immune system.

There are many different ways in which people use chillies, the main one being in your food. Chillies can be found in many different recipes and foods, such as, burgers, salads, hummus and even some mince recipes. One of the reasons why people put chillies and spices in so many different meals and recipes is because it has been known to make the food tastier.

If you’re a parent and want your children to benefit from eating the right food, then why don’t you add some chillies into their food, therefore benefitting from the surplus amounts of health benefits which comes from consuming chillies. However, if you’re struggling because maybe they don’t like the taste or it’s too spicy, then try to get some chillies which are milder, or a fun way to get your kids involved is growing your own chillies, not only will they be occupied but it might make them want to eat them to try out what they have grown.

One cool way of growing chillies, is growing them hydroponically, this way you can grow all year-round. Growing indoors through hydroponics actually allows you to produce a lot of chillies in a smaller time frame, against if you were to grow outside in the soil whilst also saving you money on your water bills. All you will need is the correct hydroponics equipment and advice.

Grow your own chillies today and reap the benefits.