Preparing to take your insurance agent license exam can be a stressful process. Finding the time to study and attend a course can leave you feeling crunched for time and overwhelmed. Luckily there are alternatives to the traditional classroom courses. There are online courses that you can sign up for that offer many advantages to you as you prepare for the exam.

The first benefit the online course provides is flexibility to your schedule. You can log on at any time that is convenient for you to study. In a traditional classroom setting, you can expect to sit in a classroom for about 8 hours a day which takes valuable time away from your family. Also, in class, you will have to work at the learning pace the instructor and the rest of the students set. In an online environment, you have the advantage of setting your pace. If there is subject matter that you are finding harder to keep up with you can go back and review it at your leisure. Finally in a traditional course, once the course is over, you only have access to the reading materials. With an online course, you will have access to your online instructors for as long as 90 days.

In addition to being able to choose the days and time to study, online learning gives you the benefit of comfort. You can log on from the comfort of your couch or even your bed, and you do not have to worry about changing out of your sweatpants for class.

Taking your course online also makes economic sense. Online courses are typically three to four times cheaper than a traditional classroom course. In addition to the direct money savings, an online course means that you do not have to miss any days from work in order to attend. If you have children signing up for an online course means you do not have to worry about shelling out money for a babysitter.

Online courses also have additional features to help you pass the exam that a traditional course does not offer. Online courses will have support available to answer questions outside regular classroom hours. If you are doing your studying at 9 pm, you will be able to get clarification online quickly rather than waiting until the next class to speak with your professor. Online courses also offer video tutorials, interactive applications, and exam simulators.

An online course will also give a leg up when taking the actual insurance license exam. Most states these days administer the exam on a computer. The online course practice exams and quizzes will mimic what you will see on screen during the test, giving you added confidence on the day of the exam.