Amusement parks are supposed to be fun, something for the entire family to enjoy and memories that should never be forgotten. That being said, accidents can happen. According to The Doan Law Firm lawyers, “Getting hurt on a ride today could mean years of medical problems in the future.”

My family had been planning on our trip for almost a year. It was something my son had wanted for almost two years, well before we knew he would be old enough to fully enjoy the experience. It seemed as if the closer the date came, the faster time would go by. Before we knew it, we were on our way.

The trip of a lifetime

We planned to spend two days at the park. We knew the place would be packed, but we made our plans for the middle of the week, hoping to avoid the larger weekend crowd. As it would turn out, there were more families than I could count that had the same idea.

The first day was more fun than I would have ever imagined. It wasn’t just the rides that made the experience amazing. The entire park was more than I had hoped for. The employees went out of there way to make sure you were having a great time. I was shocked at how affordable concessions and food was in the park. I guess they took into consideration how much the entrance into the park was.

I had never really been the roller coaster type, but seeing the excitement and rush that filled my son was well worth it. In order to make sure he was able to enjoy every ride in the park, my wife and I planned each one for either the first or second day of the trip. The first day had been full of excitement from the time we woke up, until the last ride of the day.

My wife had needed to go to the restroom, so my son and I decided we would wrap up the line waiting for the day on our own. After the ride had ended, we were to meet her near the park’s exit and make our way back to our camp site. It was by no means the biggest or fastest ride of the day, but because of the ride’s theme, it was one my son had been waiting for. We were about to go on a jungle excursion.

accident in vacation

As the ride was coming to an end, the cart we were in came to a sudden stop. The force was enough that I was slammed into the back of our cart with part of the railing slamming into the lower part of my back. My body froze as pain shot it’s way up my spine. A few people screamed, but no one appeared to be hurt. As we got out of the ride, I did my best to walk the incident off.

By the time we had completed our walk back to the campground, the pain was more than I could bare. I let my wife know what had happened and that I needed to lay down for awhile. After trying to lay still and take it easy, the pain only became more intense. In less than hour, I was unable to sit up without my wife’s help.

Don’t wait too long

Because I did not respond to the accident soon enough, there was nothing that could be done as far as holding the park responsible. Almost four years later, there are several days when simply getting out of bed reminds me of our family vacation.

Regardless of how small the injury may seem at the time, if you are hurt on a ride at an amusement park, have the injury checked out right away. If the accident was out of your control and simply could not have been avoided, make a few phone calls to attorneys that have experience with this situation.