Tips to Design Patches for Fire Department

It is globally accepted that patches play a very important role in building brand adds value to the identity of your company, institution or department. The symbolic and textual message the patch carries helps you in building the trust of your fire department and improve acceptance among the people. The Patch Design For Fire Department needs to be outstanding and that could be achieved via world-class design.

Our interaction with several renowned patch designers and experience tells us that these tips could help you in designing your own patch. Here are the five tips that you could use before you start the designing;

  • Simplicity is the Key

Simple things have greater acceptance among people. Look around yourself, you will find that most of the logos you remember are very simple. Keeping the size and shape limitation of the patch in mind, one should focus on a simple design.

  • Bold is Better

Keeping the visibility factor in mind it is advisable to choose the bold text and bolder design. The traditional embroidery process makes it difficult to re-create small, sleek and delicate text. Although, contemporary designers suggest sleek design one has to understand the limitation of the patch and find the balance.

  • Bigger is Better

We create a patch to better connect with people and for that, your patch needs to be big enough to accommodate your message. Although the size of the patch will depend on the position of the patch, it is advisable to go for maximum possible size. A larger space, it is easy to incorporate a design theme in define space.

  • Contrast Matters

The human eye is conditioned to respond to contrast in a better manner as compared to flatness. This contrast helps in better capture and memorization of the message. Traditionally, black and white is the most preferred contrast for patches, but it is advisable to focus on your color identity and accordingly look for matching contrast.

  • Border Should Compliment

The border of the patch adds depth to background resulting in better visibility.  It is advisable to find a complementary color for the border in sync with your overall identity.

Creativity is limitless, but a smart designer understands the limits and accordingly design the patch. You should save your time and energy by listing your brand identity factors, text and color preference. We hope these tips will help you create a fantastic patch.