Before you can actually meet the escort, it is advisable to be prepared in advance. Try and dress up your best when meeting her at any time. This is important to maintain your image before her. Always ensure that you are very much formal and dressed for the occasion.

Well dressed and clean

When meeting her try and be very formal in your meeting. Avoid showing up in front of her if you are not clean or well dressed. Ripped t-shirt or jeans will always create a very negative image about you in her mind.

Just be sure that you have to treat her just like your normal date. Try and use a nice deodorant while grooming your self for her. No matter what, you need to ensure that you are presentable.

You can wear a nice pair of jeans and a formal shirt. If you are planning for outdoor meeting then ensure that you also look formal and decent. This is one way she may not want to make fun of your dress code.

Pay her decently

Even if she is going to offer you with sex time still you have to respect her profession. When paying her always ensure that the money is well placed in an enclosed envelope. If you are using debit card then try and withdraw the money from ATM and hand it over to her.

Always ensure that the money is placed in a location that is accessible to her. The payment should always be made the moment you meet her at the table. In case she needs time then give her sufficient time to count the payment. This is one way she will make sure to avoid being scammed by customers.

In case you change your mind

If you have scheduled an appointment with Portland escorts and want to cancel it then make sure that you let her know on time. It is never advisable to cancel an appointment after she has arrived to meet you. Even if the meeting has been cancelled still you have to ensure to pay her for booking her services.

If you have made her full payment in advance before booking her services, then forget asking her for a refund as in most cases, this is against the policies.

If she is willing then she may refund some part of the money if the meeting was cancelled before she meets you. Also ensure that the reason for making the cancellation should be genuine and made politely.

You have to keep in mind that she might have cancelled her other appointments to meet you so try and be polite to her. In general Portland escorts agencies always request customers to cross check with schedules before making a final appointment.